Suerta – Mixtapes

March 6, 2018 0 Comments

Suerta is an Italian DJ who lives in London. The city and its multifaceted communities have deeply forged his musical taste. The capital’s vibrant neighbourhoods offer a vast array of sonic inputs on a daily basis, on which he develops his DJ sets.

He plays only vinyl records: such a self imposed “limitation” encourages him to be out and about in record stores, charity shops and flea markets and talk to people about certain sounds that he’s searching for. He developed a special interest in diasporic and non-Western musics through his academic education in ethnomusicology.

Adopting a pronounced “freestyle” approach to his DJ routine, Suerta blends African and South American rhythms with 70s funk and soulful disco numbers, hints of Italo and synth pop, dub, house, broken beats and anything else in between.

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