Max Casacci & Daniele Mana - Glasstress (Bad Panda Records)

Max Casacci & Daniele Mana – Glasstress (Bad Panda Records)

Have you ever ask yourself how does glass sound?

Max Casacci (producer and founder of Subsonica) and Daniele Mana (electronic producer also known as Vaghe Stelle) have the right answer to this question.
In their latest work called “Glasstress” (out now on Bad Panda Records), the two musicians haven’t used the classical instruments, no electronic or acoustic drums; this album has been made with all kind of audio samples gathered in the environment of a furnace in Murano (Berengo Studio Furnace), an island near Venice: from the powerful breath of the furnace that reaches over 3000 celsius degrees to noise of tools, from the crushing of waste glass to the stem of his blowtorch.

If you’re curious and you can’t go to Murano right now, you can listen the first single “Like A Glass Angel” here:

Download → Glasstress

Elia Perrone + Gigi Masin - Stella

Elia Perrone + Gigi Masin – Stella

It’s always a pleasure when we listen to Gigi Masin new music.
This time the italian ambient master teamed up with Unclear Records founder Elia Perrone.

Dilated rhythms and soft synths accompany the journey of “Stella”, the opening track.
In “Garden Blues” the duo enters a dense vegetation of electronic glitch, heavenly voices and reverse flows.

On the B side Juju & Jordash and Niro Perrone go deep with their remixes. Juju & Jordash give a raw and tough slap, Niro Perrone gives a velvety & gentle touch.

Buy vinyl here → Clone,, Boomkat


It’s already time for Cipria‘s closing season party.

Cipria is one of our favourite clubnight for a bunch of resons:

1) Music selection is always superlative
2) You can breath a cool atmosphere as a few other events
3) Cipria’s crew members have always a wonderful smile. And it means: “It’s party time, don’t be so serious!”

This time you’ll dance with 2 italian superheroes as FRANCISCO & ROBOTALCO.
Do we really need to say more?
Let the music play:

FRANCISCO [Slow Motion / Edizioni Mondo]


Can’t wait for saturday march 19th @ Mame Club, Padova

Event →


MiniMix #16 DAX DJ

Selected Slow Funk Jams House Music

Selected Slow Funk Jams House Music

Selected Slow Funk Jams House Music
Mixtape Side A

Dax DJ

Underground System ‎– Bella Ciao (Leo Mas & Fabrice remixes)

Underground System ‎– Bella Ciao (Leo Mas & Fabrice remixes)

A couple of years ago the nyc collective Underground System recorded a stunning afro-beat cover of “Bella Ciao“.
Bella Ciao is one of the most famous italian song created by partisan of Italian Resistance during the civil war against Fascist Social Republic. An international hymn of freedom.

Leo Mas played it during his Boiler Room set in Ibiza and the living legend Alfredo asked immediatly a copy.
This project starts in that moment.
So, Leo and Fabrice has worked on two new versions one with vocals and the other one as a dub instrumental.
The two magicians give it a new brightness combining underground disco and atmospheric house in a perfect balearic way.
Their magic wand works again!

The EP has been produced by Hell Yeah Recordings in collaboration with DJ Ralf‘s Laterra Recordings.

Buy vinyl → Hell Yeah,, juno

A special mention for the beautiful artwork created by Andrea Amaducci, inspired by Renato Guttuso‘s “I funerali di Togliatti”

irregular disco workers - yesterday

irregular disco workers – yesterday

A new massive tune from Irregular Disco Workers!
“Yesterday” EP is out now for No Static Recordings and includes a remix by Four Walls.

What version do you prefer? The original one, very disco / house influenced or the dub remix version by Four Walls?

Juno Download, itunes

Alessandro ParisiLadies and gentlement, we are finally back with this stunnig new italo disco mixtape from Alessandro Parisi.
We have known Alessandro two weeks ago at Cipria in Padua, probably the most influential disco night club in the north of Italy.

Alexander tried immediately to share with us his passion for music and we were impressed about his projects list

Here our hero in action in Paris, 2 years ago

You can check other live session, in his official you tube account, here

Alessandro Parisi was born in 1985 in Pordenone, a little and cosey city in the north-east of Italy with strong 80′s punk-wave roots.
In his house there has always been a piano, played by my mom who’s a church organist.
The musical influences he grew up with were pretty much classical music for liturgic celebrations from the mother side, and 60′s Italian beat from his father’s.
Because of this, he naturally developed a passion for music listening which brought him to composing his own songs.
His first music project named DMT Synth in 2004 was an italo-electro duo, along side from a friend.
Their debut in the music scene coincided with the Myspace gold-era, when everything was possible for everyone. He learnt a lot in that period about clubs, people and hype in the music scene.
After some years of fun and a couple of releases, in 2009 they closed the project and he took his own way, tumbling down the analogue hole.
Buying many vintage synthetizers and drum machines, he found his own style between the retro-wave, disco and horror soundtracks.
Since then, in the last 7 years, he released a lot of music from vinyl to cassette, and had also some soundtrack collaboration for TV series and commercial spots.
Many tags could be spent for describing music but the one which fit him better is “Esoteric Disco”.
All his albums, in fact, are constantly linked to mystical concepts.

Here his stunning exclusive mixtape for The Italo Job
This mixtape is only made with Italian songs

Play and Download Italo & Space Disco Journey (The Italo Job exclusive mixtape):
Alessandro Parisi – Italo & Space Disco Journey


Adriano Celentano – L’Uomo Perfetto
Hypnosis – Windland
Marzio – The Phantom of the Opera
Gli Amici di Famiglia – Israel
Pino Donaggio – Telescope
Bixio, Frizzi, Tempera – Nucleo Antirapina
I Signori della Galassia – Fermate la Reazione
Daniele Patucchi – I Predatori dell’Anno Omega
Carlo Maria Cordio – Terrore
Rondo Veneziano – Odissea Venezia
Kirlian Camera – Blue Room
Radar – Una Splendida Emicrania
Alessandro Parisi – Exhibition of Love (Faust’O)
Futuritmi – Dieci Minuti di Limbo

cristiano nonnato - reservoir mix [reservoir cipria]

cristiano nonnato – reservoir mix [reservoir cipria]

Reservoir is a collective of DJs united by the passion for funk music stamped on wax.
8 guys with different tastes and attitudes mixed together to describe electronic music scene from another point of view.

Cristiano Nonnato is one of the magnificent eight from Resevoir crew. We already know him cause he is resident DJ at Cipria night.
Listen to his dj mix, in which his eclectic style will make you travel through the most curious music’s angle.

Nonnato reservoir mix by Reservoir on Mixcloud

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