Jeyosai – JTrip oct. 2014


Benjamin Franklin said: “In this world nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes”. We add one thing: the beauty of Jeyosai‘s mixtape.
Jeyosai has returned on the decks and has recorded a great mix of electronic, breaks, techno and acid.
As usual only vinyls, pure class.

Jeyosai @ JTrip oct. 2014 by Jeyosai on Mixcloud

Discoteca Movida Jesolo Pineta 1989 1992 Gemolotto Leo Mas Fabrice Magica Triade

Discoteca Movida Jesolo Pineta 1989 1992 Gemolotto Leo Mas Fabrice Magica Triade

We have a new section on The Italo Job! Yes, it’s exactly what you are thinking. Inspired by the famous “Throwback Thursday” we have chosen to start a new series of post dedicated to historical mixtape.

In Italy from 1989 to 1992 there was a nightclub that had nothing to envy to the european clubs. A place in which it was made club culture, thanks to long-range decisions made ​​by the artistic director Vasco Rigoni.
That club was called Movida and was located in Jesolo, near Venice. The music being played was innovative and trendy, and if you listen now to the tapes recorded 20 years ago are still fresh and current.
Today we listen to a mixtape recorded by Andrea Gemolotto in july 1990.
Gemolotto was part of “Magica Triade” with Leo Mas and Fabrice (we’ll talk about them very soon).
Andrea Gemolotto started spinning records in 1982 in the north-east of Italy. In 1989 he won DMC Italian Championship with the alias name of “Cutmaster-G“.
He was chosen to be resident dj in many famous italian clubs such as Movida, Cocoricò, La Scala, Mazoom, Go Bang and partecipated as guest on many gigs all around the country and even outside Italy.
He is also a producer and some of his production became classics (do you remember Sueño Latino?).

Andrea Gemolotto, Movida, Jesolo, Magica Triade

Andrea Gemolotto @ Movida, Jesolo. Photo by Seba Poletti

Gemolotto @ Movida Jesolo – Luglio 1990 by Chemicalgroove on Mixcloud


Two Thousand

Two Thousand

Two Thousand has always been the official symbol of the future. Two Thousand has been told, represented, drawn and played centuries before the year Two Thousand. And now it’s past.

The future and the past united together. Songs from inspired and visionary musician as Azymuth, Herbie Hancock, Jaco Pastorius that had represent future when they came out, have been revisited in a futuristic way by Two Thousand.
Two Thousand is a prediction on our perception of the music of the future, it’s jazz or funk music transported into future, it’s discover the future hidden in the past.

An Ep is going to be released for Burek Records. We had the opportunity to hear a preview, but…we’ll talk about it very soon!


Chemikangelo – Autumnal Equinox mix

Chemikangelo Autumnal Equinox mix

Chemikangelo Autumnal Equinox mix

Summer colours are replaced by autumnal sound flows.
Bursts of light and balearic waves, Sun runs after Moon in slow-motion.
Have a good listening.

01 Mysterious Traveller – Maracatuca
02 Cybophonia – Spinning Dance
03 Savile & Olin – Horizon (Good Guy Mikesh & Filburt Sun’s Down rmx)
04 Cassara – Seaside
05 The Kenneth Bager Experience – Fragment Four (Love Won’t Leave Me Alone) (Cosmic Jazzdub)
06 Daniel Grau – Robot Magico
07 Little Dragon – Thunder Love (Mario Basanov & Vidis rmx)
08 Brother In Arms – Stronger
09 Genius Of Time – Tom Jam
10 Strategy – Rhythm King
11 Dubbyman – Today Brother
12 Voigt & Voigt – Tischlein Deck Dich
13 Bjorn Torske – Bobla
14 FaltyDL – Some Jazz Shit
15 Bliss – Stop Me (The Revenge vocal rmx)
16 Paqua – Akaliko


Populous – Night Safari

Populous - Night Safari - The Italo Job

Night Safari is the new music project announcing the eagerly-awaited return of Pupulous (aka Andrea Mangia). The album, released on 29th September with Bad Panda (digital) and Folk Wisdom (CD, LP), is the culmination of the swirling journey of research and experimentation that has always distinguished the Salento-born musician.

Night Safari is an original and surprising stylistic jump, 6 years after Drawn in Basic, the full-length album released with Morr Music. In the last few years, Populous has been involved in other music projects, such as Life & Limb (a side project shared with the New York based Micheal McGuire).
We already had the chance to feel the enthralling atmosphere of Night Safari at the live set held by Populous performing a duo with Andrea Rizzo at the Radar Festival in Padova on 25th July. A performance made of percussions, electric drums and analogic machines which aroused great curiosity about the new release.

A first impression of the 11 tracks of Night Safari comes from the extraordinary artwork made by the graphic designer Kae on the new album case: the creation of a dreamy landscape projecting towards exotic lands illuminated by the crepuscular light of the sunset.
You must enter this new dimension to best appreciate the meaning of the new project. Night Safari is a journey leading to the most remote places on earth, careless of borders and lengths, and tracing a new music geography.
This has been achieved thanks to a range of collaborations with Clap!Clap!, Cuushe, Digi G’Alessio, Iokoi, Dj Khalab and Giorgio Tuma and to a significant research work, underlining Populous’s great musical culture: a combination of samples gathered across the four sides of the world, segments distilled from hidden and fascinating records, hybrid mixtures conveying a multicultural and exotic scenery.

The tracks’ sequence becomes the discovery of landscapes and places filled with ritual resonances and mysterious presences. A path with no mediation, made of sudden bursts of lunar light which unveil uncontaminated lands from the most different latitudes.
Ranging from the deep basses and polyrhytmic bases of African voodoo rituals to the melodic songs of native populations, from the contemplative seasides of the English coasts to the exciting rhythms of tropical forests, the electronic music merges with the voices of nature and of archaic instruments.
The central thread is the aesthetics of the common sound, an heightened sensibility for details that allows a reassuring flow and a multiple but coherent identity of the whole project.
Night Safari has this power: music, through fantasy, turns into a real space, the perception of lights and shadows, the feeling of warmth and damp.
Night Safari is an album to listen to, to dance to but also to see and to experience. At the end of the 45 minutes you feel a bit richer, as after a far longer journey.
Therefore, fasten your headphones, close your eyes and set out of the road, with a suggestion: do it when the sun has gone down.

Pessoa wrote:
“It is only within us that landscapes become landscapes. That’s why if I imagine them, I create them; if I create them, they exist; if they exist, I see them [...].
Life is whatever we make it. The traveler is the journey. What we see is not what we see but what we are.”

(Folk Wisdom / Bad Panda Records, 2014)

• Himalaya reel to reel
• Fall [feat. Cuushe]
• Vu [feat. Clap! Clap!]
• Dead Sea
• Quad boogie [feat. Digi G'Alessio]
• Honey [feat. Iokoi]
• Agadez [feat. Dj Khalab]
• Water Temple (feat. Clap! Clap!]
• Brighton Pier
• Night Safari
• Brasilia [feat. Giorgio Tuma]

Thanks to Alessandro Fraccaro and Elena Squizzato for this stunning review!
It’s thanks to people like them that our website exists!

You can listen Popolous FOR FREE on 19th December at VINILE (Italy) We are proud to be media partner of this great event

The Italo Job

Here the new single from Night Safari


Lady Gisa – Off Beats [sept 2014 mix]

Lady Gisa - Sept 2014 The Italo Job

Lady Gisa, one of the people who believed in us from the earliest times (yes, we are five years old!), is back with another stunning mix. Her touch is unmistakable and we know that some clubs or shops, use The Italo Job to play her music. This is awesome for us, a great satisfaction!
You can listen her on the turntables, this friday at Bar Borsa (Vicenza – Italy) from 8 pm to 0:00

Enjoy this sexy, balearic, soul and funk great mix and spread the word!

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

Download: Sept 2014 GISA presents Off Beats Sept 2014

And here, Lady Gisa at work


Leo Mas

Sir Leo Mas has recorded this great balearic mix for our colleagues SKETCHES FROM AN ISLAND
He has also included “Jolla”, a song from the great italian electronic duo Tempelhof (we have seen them live, the last week end and we were very surprised!)
Leo Mas was a pioneer of balearic sound at the Amnesia (Ibiza) from 1985 to 1988 (this was the year of the summer of love)
In 1989, before returning in Ibiza, he wants to start a great project with two others Djs. With Andrea Gemolotto and Fabrice, he founded “The Triad” at MOVIDA (Jesolo – Venice, Italy) and five different record labels which have produced different styles of house and electronic music.


Drink to me – Bright

Drink to me cover

Welcome back guys! The italians Drink to me are back with this bomb track, taken from the forthcoming “Bright White Light” Out on 42 Records Oct 14th on Vinyl, CD, and Digital.
We are very curious to hear their whole album and to see again their energy on stage like two years ago.

Suddenly, as it happened with “S”, they touch our skin.

Enjoy this brand new song from one of our favorite italian bands and stay tuned, for the first dates of the tour…


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