Lova - Gypsophila EP [NuNorthern Soul]

Lova – Gypsophila EP [NuNorthern Soul]

June 26, 2021 0 Comments

LovaGypsophila EP [NuNorthern Soul]

We’re very exited for this new Balearic project from our friend Lova.
Before telling his wonderful story, you must listen to this awesome debut.
“Gypsophila” is a three track EP released by NuNorthern Soul. Lova guide us into a dreamy trip in Ibiza. A lovely soundtrack from Talamanca to Sant Antoni.

LOVA is an emotive, groovy and melodic musical project for daydreamers, sofa-bound listeners and slow-motion dancers created by Italian producer Davide Lovato. Inspired by sunrises, sunsets, escapist fantasies and an impressively eclectic range of musical influences, LOVA’s music combines dream-like melodies, picturesque chords and musical textures with warming grooves, layered percussion sounds and an outward-looking sense of adventure.
Although the LOVA project is still in its infancy, Davide is no newcomer to music production. Now in his early 30s, the Verona-based producer began recording cassettes, DJing and learning to make tracks at the age of 16. He was initially involved in house music, but later began to become more influenced by the deep, cosmic and otherworldly sound of Norwegian ‘Scandolearic disco’.
Yet Davide wanted more. With a wide range of musical inspirations – think Brian Eno, Slowdive, Boards of Canada, afro-beat, funk, 21st century re-edits and much more besides – he had a burning desire to make expressive music and tell stories in sound.
During his twenties, Davide continued dabbling in home studio production while listening to mountains of music. By the time he reached the age of 30, he felt ready to dedicate more time and focus to making tracks. Initially, what drew Davide in was a simple desire to develop his own musical identity, to create imaginative aural worlds for his own enjoyment, and a need to escape from the difficult issues we all face in life. Because of this, since entering his fourth decade Davide has kept up a rigorous program of daily music-making.
Feeling like he still had much to learn, Davide immersed himself in production and took lessons from a far more experienced producer in Verona. By February 2020, he’d learned enough and felt confident enough in the nu-disco and Balearic-inspired music he was making to start sharing it with others. Davide was boosted by some fine feedback from producers including Jimpster, DJ Rocca and LTJ Xperience.
When he travelled to Ibiza, an island that has always inspired him mentally and musically, in the summer of 2020, Davide took with him some USB sticks containing recent tracks he’d made. On a trip to Hostal la Torre, Davide handed one of these to the DJ: NuNorthern Soul boss Phil Cooper. Less than five minutes later, Cooper called Davide over to the decks and asked if he could play one of his tracks there and then. Davide enthusiastically agreed and was filled with pride as one of his tracks drifted from the speakers as the sun went down.
Cooper was so impressed by Davide’s tracks that he asked to sign LOVA to NuNorthern Soul. The subsequent EP – the first of many, we’re sure – is slated for release on the label in mid-summer 2021. Entitled Gypsophilia, it offers a perfect summary of Davide’s dreamy, groovy, enveloping and vividly visual musical world.

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01 Esperanza
02 Cecilia
03 Echoes of Memories