Italian Dance Wave – Disco Uno / Disco Due [Slow Motion]

February 19, 2015 0 Comments

Italian Dance Wave is a new compilation serie from Slow Motion Records.

Italian Dance Wave hosts some of the heavyweight champions of italian electronic music scene: Bottin, Clap Rules, Delphi & Cécile, Francisco & Cosmo, Jolly Mare, Raiders Of The Lost Arps, Rodion, Studio Luce and many others in the forthcoming releases.

Disco Uno starts with “Luna Theme” by Raiders of the Lost Arps, a tough drumming mixed up with sweet synth melodies. A perfect start for our journey through these electronic music wonders.
House rhythms for Clap Rules between deep sounds, electronic disco and pulsating synth.
Italian disco master Bottin pushes on the accelerator and guide us into a fast ride into disco and acid highways.
The first chapter ends with “Valerie” by Studio Luce, classic 80s disco atmosphere with the right touch of italo’s feel.

So we start from where we left off, Francisco & Cosmo spread electronic beats with a very 80s disco attitude.
Rodion using vintage synth and vocoder bring us to the end of 70s, space is the place.
Slow down with Jolly Mare, it’s time to chill with a smooth track based on a soul/funk background where a stands a bodied bassline.
Delphi & Cécile with “Una Domenica Italiana” interthwine guitar and synth in a growing of velvety disco.

Can’t wait to hear “Disco Tre” and “Disco Quattro”.

Meawhile buy on Juno, Clone, Bordello a Parigi