Il Guardiano del Faro - Oasis

Il Guardiano del Faro – Oasis (Remastered)

September 4, 2018 0 Comments

Federico Monti Arduini (born in Milan in 1940) is one of the most interesting figures of the “musica leggera” scene. He has been involved, at various levels, in the writing and the production of some of the most famous Italian songs of the sixties and he’s been directing the Dischi Ricordi label for more than fifteen years.

As a side job, using the monicker of Il Guardiano del Faro, he released a dozen of Moog-based, proto-ambient/library music iconic records, among which the most sought after is Oasis.

Originally released in 1978, Oasis became soon a cult LP because of its unique combination of dreamy, lounge tracks (Sinfonia al Sole che Nasce, Lady Moon) and dancefloor-friendly grooves, backed by a Roland rhythm box (Disco Divina, Miss Springtime).

Now, Time Capsule, a recently born reissue label which stems from the joint efforts of brilliant corners and The Beauty and The Beat, has repressed Oasis, in a remastered version curated by Ryota OPP and co-curated by Kay Suzuki.

Oasis is out on the 7th of September. Grab your copy here: time capsule website or Juno.


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