Deep88 & Melchior Sultana - Playing without Moving

Deep88 & Melchior Sultana ‎– Playing Without Moving

April 16, 2015 0 Comments

We borrow and change a famous divine quote (halfway between Gospel and Chuck Roberts) to introduce “Playing Without Moving”, the new album by Deep88 & Melchior Sultana.
“In the beginning, there was House, and House had a groove..”
That’s the point. Where is House now? What happened to its groove? Most of the current house music production have lost their original characteristic and their soul. Them appear so static and flat.
Generally we don’t like to do such considerations, it isn’t our role, our mission, but in this case it’s helpful to understand the meaning of this work that we are presenting.

Deep88 and Melchior Sultana want to point out the true meaning of house music, enhance the sounds, rhythm and atmosphere that have made big this musical genre.
Two musicians, although the album title suggests otherwise, take us on a journey to discover various kind of sounds.
It goes from deep sounds of “Nightwave” or “Days Go By” to the sweet melodies of “Saturday” or “Yo House”, through dreamy episode like “Karma’s Pocket”.
The icing on the cake is represented by the 2 remixes made by Andras Fox and Dream 2 Science, lovely each.

Really a great album, we give it full marks!

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