Cyco - This is Dubstep Vol. 1

Cyco – This is Dubstep [vol 1]

September 10, 2013 0 Comments
Cyco - This is Dubstep Vol. 1

Cyco – This is Dubstep Vol. 1

THIS IS DUBSTEP VOL. 1, is a strictly vinyl selection from Dj Cyco‘s archive.
For those who knew the genre, through the artists of today, should know that these made in England “Wobble Boys”, in the middle of this decade, had already revolutionized the London Underground scene.
Skream, Kromestar, Headhunter, Hatcha, are just some of the producer that you will find within this mix.
Historic labels like Tempa, Big Apple, Ghost, Locked on, and some producers such asHorsepower Productions, El B, Zinc, at the beginning of the new millennium were already under the spotlight, anticipating the imminent explosion of the UK Garage scene.
This selection includes tracks of 2006 and 2007 (just to be clear), to really understand from where it comes this genre that is so fashionable today.

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