Cristiano Nonnato exclusive podcast for The Italo Job

October 29, 2013 0 Comments

Cristiano Nonnato is a great DJ, we discovered him not so long time ago.
He’s a great listener of high quality music and in his sets he offers an euphoric and tonic dose of funk.
While he’s mixing, you ride a journey jumping between past, present and future sounds.
Disco, Drum’n’Bass, Electro, Techno, Dubstep, Uk Garage, no matter genre or style, no rules. It’s all about the music!
His spirit is anarchic, he doesn’t care about fashion or fads and rejects to open a Soundcloud or Mixcloud profile.
He’s resident of Cipria party with Oceanicmood and Psonic Psummer. Next time you can find him on the desk is thursday 31 october at Bastione Alicorno in Padua for the aftershow of Baths and Majical Cloudz gig.

This is his first podcast, an exclusive recording for The Italo Job

1. Jim Morrison – Ghost song (Caste edit)
2. King Crimson – Sheltering sky
3. Material – Ciquri
4. Funkineven – Ceefax
5. Christian Prommer – Marimba
6. Orson Wells – Searching
7. Nick Anthony Simoncino – In A Dream feat. Gregg Fore Of Dream 2 Science (Dream 2 Science Mix)
8. Factory Floor – Breathe in
9. In Flagranti – Knock out logic
10. Peter Gordon & Love Of Life Orchestra – That Hat
11. Prins Thomas – Sur svie