Beppe Loda - Obscure Italian Disco Funky

Beppe Loda – Obscure Italian Disco Funky [Violette Szabo]

April 4, 2017 0 Comments

If there is someone in the afro-funky scene which doesn’t need any presentation, this is Beppe Loda. I already wrote about his recent release, and if you missed his Boiler Room just click here ↓

This Obscure Italian Disco Funky is going to satisfy our thirst for unfamiliar edits, at least for a little while.

The first track, “Making The Connection” is driven by an acid clavinet groove, “Top” is brassy disco, simple and effective. Flipping the record we have “Sexy Lady”, an old disco single written by Oro in 1977 and never repressed, here proposed in a extended version.

The best comes at the end with  “Pink Horse”, cosmic disco as its best, killer basslines, percussions and dancefloor madness. Try not to dance while listening to this!

Buy “Obscure Italian Disco Funky” here → Juno,, clone, decks


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