Wora Wora Washington – Cooking Meringues (SirBilly Vs Creso Planet Disco Remix)

September 20, 2011 0 Comments


Our friends SirBilly & Creso are back with a new remix. We had already posted them and we also love Wora Wora Washington, especially for their live performances. In their soundcloud account, you can also find Nassau and Electroboogo remixes.

SirBilly He’s been involved in music since 1978. Began his carrier as record collector and radio speaker. Then he’s been known as vocalist with Templebeat (a combo who gained massive airplay during the 90es, charted in Germany and Switzerlands, played several european festivals and appeared on RAI + MTV’s 120 Minutes). He started writing during the 80es for Music Club and Dynamo, now he’s a columnist for Il Mucchio Selvaggio and Il Mucchio Extra. Remixer, alone and in collaboration with friends such Creso, The Bloody Beetroots & Mr. Jimma.

Creso is an eclectic and edgy dj and producer. The hip-hop/soul/house roots, mixed with a punk attitude and anextraordinary technique, create a stunning set, fresh and stinging. His productions and remixes are powerful, distorted, with echoes from the ’80s. Half of the ABCD duo, playing solo or duo with his colleague Sir Billy, Creso has spreaded his productions everywhere, including the prestigious RVNG INTL (The Historics – Kinda Personal (SirBilly Vs Creso Saturday Crimson Mix)
Rvng Intl.