Stefano Ghittoni & DJ Rocca - Atemporal Space Tests [Schema Records]

Stefano Ghittoni & DJ Rocca – Atemporal Space Tests [Schema Records]

May 25, 2017 0 Comments

It’s only may 26th, but we already have one of the best release of 2017.
Atemporal Space Tests” is the magnificent son born from the marriage between Stefano Ghittoni & DJ Rocca.
A huge collaboration, two of the most clever musicians active in the italian electronic music scene.

We could listen to this record infinitely, everytime we’ll discover a different facet, a different connection between the 9 tracks or the obscure and mysterious influences that made possible the writing of this record.

From psychedelic jazz to nervous downtempo, from a cool mixture of acid and trip hop to a hermetic kind of house music.

A varied and eclectic work masterully written by Stefno Ghittoni & DJ Rocca. There are not enough words to describe this little masterpiece

You must have this record in your collection, buy it here → Juno,, discopiù, Schema website