soulomon – magnetic archive

Soulomon – Magnetic Archive (NIM 001)

July 3, 2016 0 Comments

“In some far off place

Many light years in space

I’ll wait for you.

Where human feet have never trod,

Where human eyes have never seen.

I’ll build a world of abstract dreams

And wait for you.”

(Sun Ra)

Solomon is the nom de guerre of Andrea “Mayo” Salomoni, who kept in touch with Detroit and Chicago electronic sound in his teenage years and than enjoyed the underground atmosphere of Link in Bologna.

These tracks come from cassettes recorded in 1991 when he was just 19. Everything is strictly analog there, you can hear the iconic sounds of Roland TB-303 and TR-909 rather than Korg Polysix.

This album is the first of a series dealing with free experimental music called New Interplanetary Melodies.

Are you ready for thirty minutes of acid techno echoes?

Take a look at the video teaser of Nature:

You can buy the record here


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