Pino Nuvola - Plenilunio (L.Faq Remix)

Pino Nuvola – Plenilunio (L.Faq Remix)

May 1, 2020 0 Comments

Pino Nuvola – Plenilunio (L.Faq Remix)

L.Faq, dj from White Noise Collective and Ropsten‘s bass player, has remixed Plenilunio by Pino Nuvola

The thing I love most of Pino Nuvola’s style is the way he uses loops: he repeats riffs, but they are never exactly the same as they slightly change, slow down or speed up, and in the end they leave you with a weird feeling of both familiarity and alienation – something you’ve probably already heard, but you’re not sure. Like the full moon, that happens every month but you can’t always see it properly, so when it finally shows up in all its beauty, it always feels like a surpise.
I tried to increase this emotion by taking two of these folk/ambient loops and giving them a danceable mood.

Pino Nuvola is a solo project of the Italian guitarist Stefano Durighel.
His debut album, Fremor Arborum (2019), is a collection of instrumental tracks, all played on an acoustic guitar. With his music Pino Nuvola guides the listener on a visionary journey across wild western prairies, alpine landscapes and lunar craters.

Fremor Arborum” is available on CD or digital download on Dischi Soviet Studio Bandcamp

Music Pino Nuvola
Remix L.Faq
Mastering Edoardo Dodi Pellizzari
Artwork Alessia Gasparotto