No Joke Radio hosts Tinto

No Joke Radio hosts Tinto

September 14, 2018 0 Comments

Our mate and contributor Bress aka Tinto has recorded an enchanting podcast for No Joke Radio.

No Joke Radio “is a web radio based in Germany and Italy broadcasting music in the form of podcasts since May 2018.
No Joke radio aims to promote and connect cultural scenes and underrated talented artists to art enthusiasts across the globe. No Joke Radio was founded on the principles of collaboration and coherence and welcomes anyone wanting to connect with an international network of creative minds. No Joke Radio is a welcoming platform for whoever is wanting to express themselves”

Tinto in this mix blends different musical genres as Balearic, Cosmic and Dub.
Have a listen and discover these marvelous gems.

01. Neuronium – Prelude (1982)
02. Gabor Szabo – Galatea’s Guitar (1968)
03. Codek – Tim Toum (1982)
04. Nohelani Cypriano – Lihue (1979)
05. Don Carlos – Aqua (Part One) (1993)
06. Derrick Harriot – Dub Whip (Groucho Remix) (2018)
07. Wilfred Percussion – Andei (1983)
08. Brian Briggs – AEO (Parts I & II) (1980)
09. Rocky Siffredo – Slow in China (2014)
10. Psychemagik – The Trip (2018)
11. Maya – Lait De Coco (1987)