NASSAU’s first interview (exclusive)

January 11, 2012 0 Comments

A tea with Nassau

The Italo Job: Why are we having a tea? Aren’t there strong drinks here?
Nassau: Sure I’ve got it but you know the saying.. ”Lord keep me safe from what I wish”. Anyway.. here you can find a large selection of tea ..just take your pick. Would you enjoy to add some .. mushrooms? Well, I think it could drive me in a mess .. I’d take a chance to unmask myself.

TIJ: People don’t know anything about you. Your biography and your figure are really mysterious. Who is Nassau? Who is hiding behind the mask?
N: If I showed you, the shaky scaffold that supports my alter ego could fall down. We can say that I’m still got ready to have fun with music without any worries. It had ceased to happen when I was used to employing my real name.

TIJ: We spent much time surfing the internet.. searching for information about you.. some interviews.. but we didn’t find anything. Is it the first time that you expose yourself to the public?
N: Yes, this is the first official opportunity that I have to introduce myself as Nassau. information about my latest work has already been published in some blogs on the internet, but that’s all. I’m really glad to grant you this interview with your web magazine always supported me. .so you deserve the whole truth and nothing but the truth.. at least I’ll try to do my best

TIJ: The Italo job is honored. Are you aware of this?
N: I’m aware that ..it’s the same for me.

TIJ: What’s the meaning of your pseudonym?
N: It’s a little tribute to Compass Point Studios located in Nassau, Bahamas and to Alex Sadkin. He’s a sort of misunderstood genius.

TIJ: On the other hand, the web is full of your edits but you don’t seem involved in the dimension of the Dj sets. You are a virtual artist, have we to live with it? maybe we’ll see you behind a record player in the future. won’t we? how about?
N: All my project concerns this issue, I put disks for years under other identities but something was going to stop within the public. I mean that the common way of understanding music represents the past, there’s no curiosity anymore. We can only have nostalgia for the thrill that used to attack all music lovers in front of a new track. The word “passion” has become unfashionable. In all clubs, you can find a sort of celebration of the laptop and I can tell that very few persons look ahead to search something innovative. People prefer to follow in somebody’s wake, just easy things keeping closed their eyes. I’d like very much to do some Dj sets as Nassau on my own terms. I’m not talking about money, you got it.

TIJ: That’s crazy, I mean.. no one knows who you are, even if you have already published an Ep (Errol Flynn Ep) for TBM Records and it reached the position n.35 in Juno download charts as well as important positions in other virtual shops. Your Errol Flynn (Bottin Remix) was broadcast on the BBC radio 1 during the program “In New DJs We Trust” conducted by Jaymo and Andy George; plus you just published your new EP for the label DIAVOL (Argentina). You appeared from nowhere and you get medals ..ehi buddy who you think you are ?
N: Do you like Saint Etienne? sorry…joking..I can’t help it..
Maybe the secret consists in letting things go.. without keeping in control all situations. The role of Nassau permits me to avoid strict terms, rules.. worries. Before now it was the opposite, my passion was becoming a work in every respect. Duties prevented me from having fun and you know it mustn’t happen, it’s a priority.
I decided to work just when I’m in the right mood. I’m not ashamed to say that I usually select various genres.. like Daniela Goggi or Anna Oxa, especially when I find that a truck can have a specific function, better if the time helps to give substance. I accept what happens without any expectations, that karma works well. I think that TBM and Diavol have an approach to music the same as mine., we agree since the beginning. It could be on the ID card or all those bended shelves by the weight of disks.

TIJ: People usually say that you are a great fan of Italian music and you collect international vinyl. It results a little anachronistic as we live in a world dominated by laptop and mp3, what do you think?
N: Well, recently you interviewed Giusto Pio and we agree about Italian music. I could talk about it for hours.. summing up.. you can’t stop the development of technology and that’s good. The heart of the matter consists in thinking about the way you use it. In fact a lot of people delegate their duties and pleasures, everything is in a click. When you download a disc from the web is like having sex without using your body. Anyway.. yes I collect a variety of vinyl and different kind of music. All of us should remove the dust to discover our musical heritage, producers, composers, arrangers; a wealth that we can’t forget.

TIJ: What about electronic music? what are your favorite artists? who could deserve to be known all around the world?
N: During the last 5 years I was out of the game, so I don’t keep in control the situation but I always refer to: Weatherall, Greg Wilson and a few others . I like kraut rock, every kind of dub, ambient, PIL of Metal Box, Italian pop, and the rougher post punk. Hard to find someone who can offer a good selection during the DJ set (in addition to impressive skills and fashionable laptop). Electroboogo has an international importance; Kommand knows and mixes dance music like no other; Psonic Psummer produces very good works. Also Kinki Afro represents a unique style. Jeyosai as DJ, Billy Bogus, Albi Bello and their projects. I’ve heard much about FlyXXX parties that you organize.

TIJ: What’s the international collaboration you aspire?
N: You mean as DJ/producer or as a “tout court” artist? Well.. If I have to choose someone ..no doubts about the DJ-producer: Andrew Weatherall.
I have been following him with blind faith ever since he published the 12” by Soon (My Bloody Valentine); all artists who have contributed to my musical education are dead or they became insane.. so…it could be Scott Walker

TIJ: What’s your ideal situation? what should insiders do to have you behind the recorder player at a party?
N: I love selecter situations, where there’s no torment for bpm..I think that “Loft di Mancuso” parties are a good mix of quality and fun. In my opinion, things that make the difference are: small clubs, reserved entrance, prepared the public and a non-trivial musical selection; going from a remix by Julian Cope to old northern soul 45s through dark singles of pop music 80s. In short, it’s like the philosophy promoted by Cosmic. If you considered this world dominated by Serato and people like Justice, it could seem a utopia but I’m confident it becomes real.

TIJ: What is driving you to do all of this? How do you feel?
N: It’s because of the music. It always attended me in every moment of my life. I just love music, it’s a perfect safety valve against the prevailing mediocrity. The wellbeing and the satisfaction you can get listening to a good DJ set of pure dub are invaluable. For all the rest you can use your Mastercard…or..just go to the record fairs.

Another cup of tea?

Thanks to Denise Valesin for the translation


DIAVOL is about to release the second volume of the Diavol Edits series.
This time, we are proud to present four italian gems nicely edited by DJ and producer Nassau.
The tracks go from shameless disco floor fillers (Patrizia Pellegrino, Umberto Tozzi) to dreamy and Balearic mid-tempo songs (Anna Oxa, Vasco Rossi).
The EP will be freely downloadable here from today!


The teaser was edited by Premini

DIAVOL label started in August of 2011 when Argentinean DJs and producers DJ Joven and Premini realized that Argentina needed a world class label that releases the music they love.
DIAVOL is intended to come up with new tracks as well as edits and revisions of obscure tunes from all over the world.