Hola Estrella mixtape X The Italo Job

January 7, 2020 0 Comments

Today we introduce you a new mysterious duo: Hola Estrella.
They come from northern italy and they love obscure disco tracks.

Hola Estrella landed on the “planet music” with this mixtape full of psychedelic electro music, sizzling mexican guitars and dark rumbling drums.
Their debut EP is coming out for Nein Records on spring.

Pump up the volume and enjoy the music:

01 Craig BratleyAni Kuni [To Rack & Ruin]
02 UpercentMalson [TAU]
03 Hot Since 82 feat. Alex MillsTherapy (Magdalena Remix) [Knee Deep In Sound]
04 FaustoRelapse (Hino Remix) [Phisica]
05 InnelleaVigilans [Afterlife]
06 Roliva & DisconnectedEl Algoritmo (W.O.L.F. feat Flor Capistran Remix) [Phisica]
07 MulyaVapour [Multinotes]
08 Low ManuelAsteroids (Back From The Wave Remix) [Nein Records]
09 Eliezer & Niv AstSneg [New Day Everyday]
10 Damon JeeDrifter [Correspondant Music]
11 LegoweltDisco Rout (Younger Rebinds Remix 2) [Cocoon Germany]
12 Rico PuestelWhether (Theus Mago Remix) [TAU]