Dj Rocca / The Italo Job Podcast (Feb 2012) [+ Interview]

Dj Rocca / The Italo Job Podcast (Feb 2012) [+ Interview]

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Dj Rocca / The Italo Job Podcast (Feb 2012) [+ Interview]

Dj Rocca / The Italo Job Podcast (Feb 2012) [+ Interview]

It’s very difficult to express with words our passion for the Italian producers, especially if we are talking about DJ ROCCA. Perhaps one of the best Dj in the world.
We give the voice to his biography to know his past but we post also this podcast he did for us, to know all of is current projects and passions.

The Italo Job: Thanks for being here!
Your biography is very considerable, where does your passion come from? We know you attended the music it right?
Dj Rocca: My parents have been fundamental because they helped me to find my way, my passion for music was strong since I was a baby.
I’m graduated in flute and I went to jazz improvisation school, I couldn’t do this without the support of my family.

TIJ:TIJ: When was dj Rocca born? What are the main differences between then and now about doing the dj?
DjR:I live in Reggio Emilia and I used to go in various clubs where plus I had the opportunity to take confidence with a professional console. So my passion increased day by day until I had the chance to work for Maffia. Now they keep searching for my productions, and it means something, you know.

TIJ: What’s the role of Maffia in the italian club culture? You have been dj resident and art director there for a long time, how did it influence your career?
DjR:Maffia provided to create a real club where associates could find activities, the magazine, cd collections, booking service for exhibitions …a unique atmosphere based on an avant-garde spirit.
It was really important for my experience behind the console. I opened my mind and I discovered various dance genres. I followed Howie b , Zed bias till Uk where I tried the street life that is better than a professional school.

TIJ: What do you think about digital technologies? You can find a real democracy on web, everyone can post something , it’s becoming even more difficult to select talents.
DjR: I think that we can’t live without it. Technology permits to try different ways to express personal attitudes and skills. On web the concept of quality is relative, this absolute democracy makes difficult to define standards of quality. Anyway my opinion is that the real quality always emerges from the crowd when a thought is based on an artistic sensibility.

TIJ: You are an ecletic artist, you range through different genres. What’s your inspiration?
DjR: I make this question to myself evey day you know.. and I’m always scared of missing new ideas. My collection of records helps me: jazz funk, krautrock and afro, new wave and disco music, techno..hip hop. Your life isn’t enough to discover all music languages. I just try to stir up my blood taking a look around the world.

TIJ: AJELLO added you in an international context and you had success…

DjR: Fabrizio Tavernelli (ex afa) and me shared the passion for 80’s and all trends included in those years wave primordial house, EBM and italo disco. We collaborated to remix during the years different artists plus we produced two albums, we are really proud of us. The last album, Smells like too cheesy has been produced from the label named Danny Was a Drag King (danny refers to Danny Aiello, reminiscent the film “fai la cosa giusta” by Spike lee. New tracks and a remix collection are coming very soon , you’ll have the opportunity to appreciate Katzuma, Alien Alien , Andy Meecham, Jadoo, The Heels of Love, Luminodisco and Hannulelauri.

TIJ: Tell us about the project Crimea X, you worked with Jukka coming from Giardini di Mirò.
DjR:We worked together for the Maffia club , krautrock and john carpenter represent a meeting point. We use mostly instruments, synth , flute and voice, guitar and bass. We had the honour to collaborate with Bjorn Torske, I think the album will be released next summer. In the meanwhile you can try the collection of remixed tracks by Crimea X for other artists: Banjo or Freakout, Bjorn Dark Esquire, A Classic Education, Twin Sister, Welcome Back Sailor.

TIJ:The last effort is the partecipation to the EP of remix for Bjørn Torske
DjR:We are very proud of this remix, overall of being included in the same single with Todd Terje and Dj Harvey.

TIJ:We are really impatient to let you listen the new album in collaboration with Daniele Baldelli. The Ep you published can let you imagining what I’m talking about…
DjR:In may ten tracks of the album will be distributed, the lp is titled podalirius and we are really happy for the result. Me and Daniele already play something during our dj sets and every time people enjoy them. Besides this production by Nang records we are arranging a remix for the the artist Situation, the french label Cyclo Records.

TIJ: What about Supersonic Lovers ? The project in collaboration with Marcello Giordani, are there news?
DjR: Both of us is really busy, but we are ready to publish two singles for Danny Was a Drag King records: house sound from 90’s with with the voice of Adam Clay voice and the other one with Hard Ton.

TIJ: Erodiscotique is the new project in collaboration with Dimitri from Paris, isn’t it? He’s an house music pioneer in France. How did you met?
DjR:Dimitri was searching for me..he told me he liked my productions a lot. He played my music in a dj set when he was in Italy and I’m honoured that he had interest in me. So we started to work together. Eurodiscoteque is based on end of 80’s sound. In april our third ep will be available for the Gomma Records, Hard Ton as voice. We worked for him in his last single and we remixed Tommie Sunshine featuring the singer of Midnight Magic too.

TIJ:We know that you are focused on the italian situation. Do you find there’s something interesting going on?
DjR:I know a lot of new producers, all of them are really good and I like to collaborate with them, I can quote Jadoo, Rodion, Luminodisco who was immediately incorporated in our label. I think Verdo is another one who deserves to be quoted. Italy has to offer a wide range of different talents, all of them should have a chance to be known.

TIJ:What would you ask to new generation?
DjR:DjR:Please invent a totally new genre… We need it…thanks!

Thanks to Denise Valesin for this translation!


1. Todd Terje – Inspector Norse
2. Moodymann – Shades Of Jae Pt.2
3. Gaucho – Dance Forever (d.j. version)
4. Ajello – Dream Of Paradise (Jadoo Vocal Mix)
5. Dave Karl – I Don’t Play Those Games (Instrumental)
6. Rev Nathan D-Troit – No Sleep ‘Til Green Street
7. Jermaine Jackson – Erucu
8. Dimitri From Paris & DJ Rocca – Erodisco Theme
9. Heels Of Love – Flight 707 (Jadoo Remix)
10. Dimitri From Paris & DJ Rocca – Everybody Rock
11. Ajello – Dream Of Paradise (Andy Meecham Extended Dub)
12. Quest – Escape From The Jungle
13. N.Y. House ‘n Authority – Fort Green House
14. Copycat – Disco Thang (Ajello ‘Ethosmama’ Version)