Broke One - I Can See You And Me / A Parsec From Here

Broke One – I Can See You And Me / A Parsec From Here

A new amazing release from Broke One. We discovered and liked his first works so many time ago..
In these 2 new tracks he runs through territories of ukfunky and deep house demostrating a compositional skills above average and an originality that allows him to not be ever trivial.
He has wisely dictate time with broken rhythms and impressive synths, and has managed to carry the listener to a dimension of dancing 2.0.
Reallya great work.

Buy link -> Bandcamp


Motorcycle Boy – Squalo [Slow Motion]

Motorcycle Boy - Squalo [Slow Motion]

Motorcycle Boy – Squalo [Slow Motion]

“Showcasing the best of a new generation of Italian producers Slow Motion Records represents the future sound of Italian dance” is the sentence you read in the bottom of the page of Slow Motion’s website. That’s absolutely true.
Need an example?

Recently is came out a preview EP of the forthcoming album of Motorcycle Boy.
Early house with acid touch, cosmic electronic disco, all the good influence you could hear are updated and projected into the future.
If the intent of this EP was to make us wanna hear the whole album, the aim has been reached!
Waiting for the entire album..

Buy: Juno, Bordello a Parigi


Mogdax – Disco City [Family House]

Mogdax - Disco City [Family House]

Mogdax – Disco City [Family House]

It’s time for a new release for Family House label. Mogdax takes us to Disco City, a place where electronic, disco music with touches of funk and early house live together in perfect harmony.
Don’t you think? Try to listen to the preview:

1 The Man
2 Boogie Down
3 Disco City

Buy Disco City: Juno Download,, itunes, beatport

And don’t miss our 3rd birthday event with DAX DJ @ Rock Cafè, Castelcucco (TV) on friday 12 december.

Davide Piatto - The Lost Cassette Demo 1979-1982 [N.O.I.A. Records]

Davide Piatto – The Lost Cassette Demo 1979-1982 [N.O.I.A. Records]

This time we come back in a period between 1979 and 1982 and we listen to some great material recently returned to light, we could define this as the first attempt of the birth of house music

Davide Piatto, born in 1961, being co founder of N.O.I.A one of Italy’s first electronic live acts to perform and record with drum machines and synthesizers as early as 1978.
During the 80’s Davide continued to push boundaries in what was then the very infant stages of Dance music with some records that the world don’t forget….
These tracks are taken from a demo cassette recorded between 1979 and 1982 that shows Davide talent and creativity, mixing funk, new wave and electronic music.

Deep88 - The Girl Who Hates 909 Kick [Juice Records]

Deep88 – The Girl Who Hates 909 Kick [Juice Records]

Deep88 is one of the most talented italian producer. If you love house music you have to know him. But if you have never listened to his productions don’t worry, today is a good day to start!

Today we wanna introduce you his latest EP “The Girl Who Hates 909 Kick” out for New York based label Juice Records.
The 4 songs move along 90s house music coordinates, sensual groove and obviously the recognizable 909 kick sound.
Someone said that this record could be part of Strictly Rhythm’s catalog. We totaly agree.

Buy 12″ Juno,, Clone.

Fare Soldi - Macca & Cheese - Eis Coffee

Fare Soldi – Macca & Cheese – Eis Coffee

Fare Soldi finally come back with their eclectic mix of house and disco. Their particular style is so recognizable that they renamed it Frico Disco.
“Macca & Cheese” is a smooth and comfortable nu-disco track, characterized by a melodic funk bassline and celestial synth. The sun goes down and a party night is coming.
When “Eis Coffee” starts the atmosphere become quickly hot. A powerful rhythm joins bright and colorful work on synths. It’s time to dance like you’ve never done.

Buy here

If you wanna feel the vibes of Frico Disco, there’s a new party in town: Venerdì Credici.
Loft by Dave Mancuso, Warehouse, Paradise Garage are the coordinates. Trust Fare Soldi, you won’t regret!

Venerdì Credici House Party Fare Soldi djset

Venerdì Credici House Party Fare Soldi djset


Jolly Mare – Giu

Jolly Mare - Giu [Bad Panda Records]

Jolly Mare – Giu [Bad Panda Records]

How can we define Jolly Mare? He isn’t only a great dj (he won italian IDA scratch championship in 2010).
He isn’t a simple producer, there’s a ton of them out there. Jolly Mare is a very talented one.
His background is very impressive. In some interviews he told that for 15 years he only listened to music produced between 1974 and 1987. And it wasn’t cause he’s a nostalgic. That kind of music has a soul, and knowing it has allowed him to interpret the present of production and its future.
If you listen to his edits, remixes or productions you can clearly hear how his background made them solid, original and up to date.

This is his latest work out now for Bad Panda Records.
A trip between tropical funk and elettro waves accompanied by the sampled voice of Loredana Berté.


Rodion – Medusa

Rodion - Medusa EP [Roccodisco]

Rodion – Medusa EP [Roccodisco]

It’s Halloween, so we went searching for something that sounds very scary.
Research has been faster than expected. There’s a new Rodion EP forthcoming. And yes, it sounds very dark and frightening.

A long-awaited return for this musician defined by Mixmag Uk “new genius of Italian Dance music”.
The EP contains 2 original songs and a DJs Pareja remix.
‘Solenoid’ is a vintage electronic style ride that remind us on Moroder’s works. And Rodion skills on working on synths are very clear in this song.
A preview of ‘Solenoid’ has been played by Tim Sweeney on BIS Radio Show #752 (the song starts at 37.25)

The second original song is the title track ‘Medusa’. “Medusa” is pervaded by a darkish atmosphere and go through the hidden angles of the space. A slow techno jam to be enjoyed in the darkest place you know.

Medusa EP will be released on november 17th on Roccodisco


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