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Great news from Vicenza!
Everyone of you know Dax DJ, he is an excellent dj with a very eclectic style and an enviable knowledge of electronic music world.
He promoted festivals and one nights as Jazz Not Dead and Music Is The Key, and probably you follow his website Family House Mag.
We said that there was a great news.. Family House become a music label!

This is the 4th release: Mog – Submersion. A 3 track EP that explore techno territories mixing together steely and gummy sounds.

buy link

Here’s the other releases:
#1 Arkfy – Acclimation

#2 Mog – First Sign

#3 Mogdax – Cosmic Core

Next gig for Dax DJ will be on friday 25th july at PERAROCK Festival in a very particular location, an old disco called Chalet Paola / Green Planet!



Clap Rules

Clap Rules is a crew composed by Fabrizio Mammarella, Max Leggieri, Michelangelo del Conte and Andrea Gabriele. They are from Pescara and in these years, they have published for important labes as DFA, La Tebwa, Bearfunk, Dissident, Tiny Sticks, Codek, La Belle, Slow Motion.

Here below, their last issue featuring René Love.

And their latest dj set for Rai Radio2, one of the most important radio in Italy

Populous - Brasilia (feat. Giorgio Tuma)

Populous – Brasilia (feat. Giorgio Tuma)

Today we listen to a preview song taken from a record coming out soon. An highly anticipated album that promises to be amazing. We’re talking about Populous. This is “Brasilia” featuring Giorgio Tuma, a psychedelic and tropical march that blends electronic beats and South America’s melodies.
His new album “Night Safari” will be released on Bad Panda Records & Folk Wisdom.

We’re waiting for his live set @ Radar Festival in Padua on 25th july.

Download for free here

Casa Del Mirto - Invisible (feat. Avalon Omega) - Single [artwork by Michael Stipe]

Casa Del Mirto – Invisible (feat. Avalon Omega) – Single [artwork by Michael Stipe]

Welcome back to Casa del Mirto! “Invisible” is their new single taken from forthcoming album “Still”, that will be release soon by Ghost Records.
“Invisible” is an electronica/chillwave song made featuring Avalon Omega. There also 2 remix version by To You Mom: and Aaron Larcher.
The closing track from EP “Is the sea everything?” should not be underestimated. A really nice mixture of electronica and deep house.

The artwork was made by R.E.M. singer Michael Stipe.

Bottin - Punica Fides [Bear Funk]

Bottin – Punica Fides [Bear Funk]

A great news for all disco lovers: new Bottin album is coming out in these days.
It’s called “Punica Fides” and contains 9 track recorded by italian disco’s master Bottin.
As the previous album “Horror Disco”, the new one will be released by Bear Funk.
The album hosts some guests as Rodion in “One for all”, Visage‘s singer Streve Strange in “Poison Within” and Lavinia Claws in the closing track “Lies (reprise)”.

“Punica Fides” is a very dancefloor oriented album, all the songs could be possibly hits.
As usual mr. Bottin has made a great and complex work with synthesizers, and untied to strong basslines make reaching this album a high level of quality.

Bottin confirmed to be a great producer. We were sure.

On Xlr8r site you can download for free “One for all”, the song made with Rodion. We have talked about it when the single was out, remember?

Listen to the preview album on Juno, and order your vinyl or cd

01. Lies
02. Flow Of Persuasion
03. Poison Within feat. Steve Strange
04. One For All feat. Rodion
05. Lust For Deception
06. Plastic Forgery
07. Dirty Continuum
08. Spacetime Syndrome
09. Lies reprise feat. Lavinia Claws

Dionigi - Psycadelic Mariachi [Quantistic Division]

Dionigi – Psycadelic Mariachi [Quantistic Division]

Marco Dionigi is one of the most prolific producer in Italy, with his label Quantistic Division he has reached over than 100 hundred releases. So he could explore and experiment so many musical genre from electronic to disco, from cosmic to electro funk.

This is his latest EP called Psycadelic Mariachi, in which you could listen also to latin music influence mixed with his electronic/nudisco trademark.

Buy link -> Juno

Bealabouche - Get Up - Come Dance (Spare Charge Disco Limited edition 30 copies vinyl)

Bealabouche – Get Up – Come Dance (Spare Charge Disco Limited edition 30 copies vinyl)

Second release for Spare Change Disco label, another limited edition only 30 copies on vinyl available.
This time there’s 2 edit by Belabouche, a producer very active on editing disco, funk and soul.
“Get Up” starts with a balearic mood and then become a slow disco/funk piece.
“Come Dance With Me” is an hypnotic deep disco track with a Cosmic influence.

Buy your 12″ copy on Spare Change Disco profile on discogs


Tempelhof & Gigi Masin - Hoshi [Hell Yeah recordings] artwork by Andrea Amaducci

Tempelhof & Gigi Masin – Hoshi [Hell Yeah recordings] artwork by Andrea Amaducci

An exciting new release on Hell Yeah Recording.
A collaboration between one of the most talented band on italian electronic music scene, Tempelhof, and a pioneer of experimental and ambient music, Gigi Masin.

Fellow Italians Luciano Ermondi and Paolo Mazzacani are known for their hugely musical electronica and late last year released Frozen Dancers, their most recent album on Hell Yeah. It was a master class in spacious and emotive sound that was a joy to get lost in.
Gigi Masin played a key role in italians music scene from the 1970s onwards on radio, on television and in theatre with his directorial work. Always a fine source of inspiration for newer generations, the likes of Bjork and To Rococo Rot have been known to sample Masin’s sumptuous sounds before now.

Hoshi” is a full-lenght album result of this collaboration, in which a tangle of synthesizers and pianos draw beautiful landscapes, peaceful places, people and nature views from a parallel dimension.

Judging from the previews that we could hear, this album promises to be a masterpiece!

In order to understand the beauty of this incoming album (18 june) we have some little previews to listen for you.

Hoshi album teaser


Pre Order here -> Hell Yeah Recordings


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