Uabos – Dial L

UABOS – DIAL L Ep  [Gold Nite Records]

UABOS – DIAL L Ep [Gold Nite Records]

Uabos is the new entry in the Gold Nite Records’ team. He is an up and coming talent in the italian club scene, known for his residency at Le Cannibale party @ Tunnel Club, which led him to perform next to world class artists such as Tiga, Hudson Mohawke, Simian Mobile Disco, Brodinski, Gesaffelstein, Booka Shade, A-Trak, Nathan Fake, and lots more.. also hitting international stages with dj spots in spain and germany. In 2013, his track “Remember” generated XLR8R interest and an enormous worldwide blogosphere action. In his debut ep for GNR, called “Dial L”, John Talabot and Jamie xx’s influences are easily recognisable, creating a new atmosphere where chill wave and electro merge together to give a new attitude to club music. Photonz’s remix comes full circle. The portoguese duo brought a ”raw-techno” touch on the title track which will satisfy this genre’s aficionados.
Early supported by Pional, Simian Mobile Disco, Brodinski, Digitaria, Sinjin Hawke, goldFFinch, Samo Sound Boy, Paco Osuna, Xinobi, Alexander Robotnick, autoKratz, Digi G’Alessio, Hard Ton, Tying Tiffany, Adriano Canzian, Fabrizio Mammarella and many more.

Out on Gold Nite Records October 4th




Hey guys! May I have your attention please? We have received this new EP from AATLAS and we are very happy to hear this splendid Disco-House music.
The project is composed by three producers from Venice, coming from different musical backgrounds, teamed together to create Aatlas. House and funk mixes up with hip hop and drum and bass, classic and synth pop, to create a concrete and eclectic sound you will find in all their productions.
They will debut on Lovejet records with one remix for their homeboys Polpette and a fresh brand new EP based on their first track Star-T


Dionigi – Romance In Venice

Marco Dionigi - Romance In Venice (Remixes by Daniele Baldelli, Simon Faz, Tulioxi, Avanti, DJ Rocca, Alexandr Robotnick, Soul Mekanik, Cosmic Sisters, Andrew Yukon

Marco Dionigi – Romance In Venice (Remixes by Daniele Baldelli, Simon Faz, Tulioxi, Avanti, DJ Rocca, Alexandr Robotnick, Soul Mekanik, Cosmic Sisters, Andrew Yukon

Artistically born in 1990 during a performance at the Alter Ego, a well-known club in Verona (Italy) Marco Dionigi‘s particular style was immediately noticed by the renowned Art Director Andrea Oliva, who apparently remained enchanted by the miscellaneous of electro-beat and experimental, which clear allusions to the 80s’ electro wave characterized at the time Dionigi’s compositions.
Thanks to the peculiar sounds of his style, Dionigi soon became one the most appreciated Italian DJs, and the pieces created in his own studio with the inspiring name of Ursa Major (founded in 1991) developed into instant successes on the dance floors nation-wide. Meanwhile, Alter Ego is turning into one of the main Italian Clubs.
In 1993 Dionigi creates a new sound called Slow Motion by merging BPM bass with hypnotic melodies and top resonances of new age/ethno dark wave. This is also the year of the foundation of “Tube Records”, a label that will expand Dionigi’s success across Europe with the unforgettable tracks, Anaconda, Heaven Flute, Le Serpent, Way Out, The Hard Rocks, Seregenti, Manta, Freefall, I’m Not Invisible, Le Tambura, The Ghost, Very Interesting, Cross, If You Wanna Party and Holiday in Africa.
Under the artistic direction of Andrea Oliva, Dionigi starts a collaboration with the Mazoom Club, where, for seven years, he basically invents the trendiest Friday nights’ events called “Love Afterhours”.
After that he started to experiment the first Vestax CD Player thanks to the birth of laser technology through compact disks.
Dionigi enthusiastically jumps into the computer era by realizing sophisticated pieces that are immediately sought by the most famous Italian Clubs: Mazoom, il Muretto, Kinky, Ecu, Area City, and Cocorico.
In 1994 the successful partnership with the father of all Italian DJs: Daniele Baldelli, the creator of the Cosmic Sound – a friendship that will inspire important electro-funk projects for several years, and countless pieces of music such as Cosmicdiba and Dibadub (Gomma Records, 1999); the celebrated, particularly in Canada, Funkadiba – The Future Funk (Jaywork, 2003); the Alien Picnic album (Jaywork, 2002), entirely realized by Dionigi.
The Dionigi-Baldelli team created their own label, “Pedivelle Records”, which immediately attracts attention with the track I Must Feel Better and the second brilliant album Those Lights (Marco Dionigi).
They get noticed by “Eskimo Recordings” and were invited to remix pieces realized by famous artists, among who Holger Czukay, Alicia, Bridges, Spirit, Bronx Irish, Kevin Harrison, The Dream Syndicate, Richard Bone, Torch Song and Arpadis – all tracks are included in the Cosmic Rock album produced by “Eskimo Recordings”.
Dionigi currently collaborates with “Prismatikone Records”, with the new branch “Quantistic Division” where he is the A&R Manager.

Romance In Venice” is an obscure disco characterized by an obsessive drum rhythm, spatial synth and a sensual female vocal.
Disco and deep live together in this song with the typical touch of Dionigi.
The single is accompanied by 9 great remixes!
From the cosmic/funky version by Daniele Baldelli, to the house flavour of DJ Rocca‘s Erosexy mix, to the electronic/nu disco jam by Alexander Robotnick.


Bottin – Plastic

Bottin - Plastic [Tin, clear yellow vinyl] + In Flagranti remix Genre: laser disco house

Bottin – Plastic [Tin] + In Flagranti Remix clear yellow vinyl laser disco house

For his birthday Bottin has made a gift for everyone, he has released a new single called “Plastic” that includes the extended version on one side and In Flagranti remix on the other side.
It’s a great dancefloor bomb, a ride in a spaceship to the disco house planet. A pressing rhythm and and great work with synths, make this track one of our favourite in this 2013.

We must repay him for this gift! How? Buy your copy on Juno. It’s a clear yellow 12″ vinyl!


Marcelo – Eclecticism

Marcelo - Eclecticism [Marcello Giordani, Italo Deviance, Disco]

Marcelo – Eclecticism [Marcello Giordani, Italo Deviance, Disco]

Marcello Giordani is one of the key figures of the blooming Italian Disco scene. Being a producer, Dj and collector of rare Italo-Disco vinyls, he is on the very front of the exploding Disco movement in Europe with his “Italo Deviance” Blog and Label.
Marcello started djing back in 1992 when starting what would have been the golden age of the House Music scene.
He began playing in clubs nearby his town and at 20 become resident-dj of the historic Italian party called “Les Folies the Pigalle” which at the time was one of the points of reference for the National dance music and this allows him to have a high visibility and work in the best italian club’s network. His vocation as a producer it’s easy to feel and at 21 bought his first equipment and released a debut E.P.
Then he signed with labels like Dirt Crew, Players Paradise, Mule Musiq, Endless Flight. For more than a decade remains anchored to a pure “underground sound” and gives all importance to the music quality. His inspiration comes straight from the N.Y. Disco scene (Paradise Garage) an mid ’80s Chicago House scene like Muzic Box and Warehouse but also from the early 80′s Italo Disco and Cosmic.
Marcello also founded, back in 2008, an highly disco oriented blog called Italo Deviance and the self-named label.
After the blog success Marcello started djing in many places around the world (Tokyo, NY, Philadelphia, Helsinki, Oslo, London, Berlin, Barcelona, Madrid, Athens and many more) he also works at prestigious events related to fashion brands and magazines as: MaxMara, Louis Vuitton, Marc Jacobs, D-Squared, Henrietta Ludgate, GQ Magazine.

Eclecticism is his new album under the moniker Marcelo.
As the name of the album suggest, Marcello takes us on a journey that explores different ways of conceiving disco music.
You go from funky episodes as “Africa”, “Oliver” or “P&P” to Cosmic atmospheres as ” Precious Direction”, from 80s influences as “World From a Cloud” or “Dirty Tie” to deep and obscure style as “Organic Audio”, “Everybody” or “More Houze”


One Night Affair

One Night Affair (Giacomo Fioranelli & Matteo Verdini aka Verdo)

One Night Affair (Giacomo Fioranelli & Matteo Verdini aka Verdo) – Chewy’s House

One Night Affair is a new musical project that unites the two djs Giacomo Fioranelli (Radio Hill) and Matteo Verdini ( Verdo, DWDK ).
Their vibes are inspired by house music of the underground club scene of New York and Chicago in the 80s and 90s.
Their aim? Make you live a one night affair!

And you really live a one night affair listening their Chewy’s House EP! In particular, a crazy night in a legendary american club of the 80s as Paradise Garage in New York or Warehouse in Chicago.
The EP starts with “Piano Attack” and “Prince Street”, 2 awesome song in which the piano is the leading actor.
“Piano attack” is a statement of purpose of what will be the EP, “Prince Street” raises the bar adding a slapping bass and a soulful voice.
The EP closes with “Heaven”, 5 minutes close between early and deep house atmosphere.

Buy it on Juno Download

Disco Doubles feat. Captain Comatose - The Shakes (No Static Recordings) - cover

Disco Doubles feat. Captain Comatose – The Shakes (No Static Recordings) – cover

Disco Doubles come back with a new dancefloor bomb: “The Shakes”!
The EP starts with the club mix, an exciting ride on disco electronics base topped with old school arpeggiated synth lines and funky tones of Captain Comatose‘s vocal riffs.
The first remix is entrusted to Hard Ton, the famous italian duo self proclaimed biggest disco queens of the 21st Century. Their version is so close to deep house and some 90s great electronic anthems. A real great work!
The Bear Funk chief Stevie Kotey made the last remix..not need to add more!

We’re pretty sure that this release will shake you as a earthquake!


DJ Rocca – Above Board E.P.

DJ Rocca - Above board EP Slow Motion Records

You know that DJ Rocca is one of our favourite italian producer and DJ.
It’s obvious. He’s very eclectic, he switch from one genre to another with great ease and confidence and his production are always high quality. Have you ever listen to Ajello, Crimea X, Erodiscotique, Rocca & Baldelli?
This time he has produced 3 tracks that reminds at early house tunes and a final psychedelic slow jam session.

The E.P. is out for Slow Motion on vinyl limited to 300 copies. Buy it on Juno


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