Cristalli Liquidi - Incubo Assoluto

Cristalli Liquidi – Incubo Assoluto

It’s time for the third single by Cristalli Liquidi.
We already loved “Volevi una hit” and “Canzone Registrata“, and now we fall in love with “Incubo Assoluto”.

“Incubo Assoluto” is a nu disco rework of a b-side 80s song written by Roberto “Freak” Antoni and Gaetano Curreri and played by Stadio.
You can hear Bottin‘s magic touch on the production
This isn’t an “absolute nightmare”, it’s a very nice dream!

Buy your 12″ here: Juno


DJ Rocca

DJ Rocca [Ajello, Crimea X, Erodiscotique, Danny Was A Drag King]

DJ Rocca [Ajello, Crimea X, Erodiscotique, Danny Was A Drag King]

Every month DJ ROCCA delights us with some extraordinary music releases.

This month To Rack & Ruin vol. 6 will soon released and the 12″ will includes 4 edits by DJ ROCCA featuring N2B.
On the side A we find “Get Up”, an edit of a classic reggae song, where disco boogie meets reggae and dub; the second track is called “Weird Safari”, and as the name suggest, we could define it a weird travel through spatial highways sided on techno territories.
On the side B, DJ Rocca featuring N2B to edit two songs by two famous italian singers.
“Dubby Pino” is a balearic disco soul piece with a jazzy flavour. And last but not least (is our favourite one!) “Mr Rossi’s Backpain” an explosive disco funk track ready to burn all the dancefloors.

preorder: JunoPiccadilly Records

On 21 may a new compilation signed “Danny Was A Drag King” will comes out.
It’s called “A Night Out With Danny vol. 2” and contains the best latest production released by Danny Was A Drag King and mixed by DJ Rocca.


01 Giusto – Low Down
02 Jadoo feat. Miss Bee – I Believe (Boogie Dub Version)
03 Somerville & Wilson – Cero Gravity
04 DJ Rocca – The Red Rooster (Dub Mix)
05 Verdo – Eko Tiger
06 Ajello feat. Bengi – What’s The Matter (Luminodisco Trenidublia Remix)
07 DJ Rocca – Untold Hours
08 Somerville & Wilson – Folding Angels (DJ Rocca Erodiscomix)
09 Supersonic Lovers feat. Hard Ton – Wednesday (Dub Mix)
10 Verdo – ThirtyTwo
11 Giusto – Got The Feeling
12 Jadoo – Sunshine

Buy link Juno

June will be a hot month for DJ ROCCA.
The 4th june it’s time to shake. “Disco Shake”, a new collaboration between Dimitri From Paris and DJ Rocca will come out for Hell Yeah. The 12″ will include also 4 remixes by the living legend TOM MOULTON, Luminodisco, JKriv and G&D aka Gino Grasso and Dino Angioletti.
We’ll have time to talk about it, but mostly we cannot wait to listen it!

preorder 12″: Hell Yeah

And if you remember on 9th june a new EP with Daniele Baldelli will be released on Is It Balearic..? label

preorder: Juno

Feel Flow - Moustache EP 02

Feel Flow – Moustache EP 02

Is out for Minimarket Recordings the second EP by Feel Flow! Another three song placed between deep house and nudisco.
Moustache EP 02, as the first one, is having great results. Download it on beatport or tracksource.

Mushrooms Project - Psilocybe Odyssey Pt 1 & 2 [Opilec Music]

Mushrooms Project – Psilocybe Odyssey Pt 1 & 2 [Opilec Music]

We recomend you to pack your suitcase, we’re going on a cosmic journey with Mushrooms Project.
The trip will starts on 5th may from Balearic Islands and continues into deep space.
Marco and Giorgio are the best drivers to guide us into this journey.
Really inspirated work, congrats to Mushrooms Project!

p.s.: there’s a special guest on flutes, we think you know him very well, guess who?

Psilocybe Odyssey Pt 1 -> buy link

Psilocybe Odyssey Pt 2 -> buy link



If there is something to be said about the italian producers, is that we don’t hear Techno music from their hands.
Is not the case of DISCOFORGIA that, with this bomb track with KinderWhoOore, leads us to discover this kind of music with a sensual voice and a beautiful bassline.
We are very glad to host this kind of artists on our pages because, when we think about techno, it’s just as easy to think about USA or Berlin. Perhaps we were wrong…and we are happy about this!

Director: Giuseppe “Ortiche” Verlucca Moreto
Production: Luca “Boso” Bosonetto
Editing: Francesco “Moro” Moroni Spidalieri
Fx: Domenico “Ice” De Fazio

Ehm now for this post, we are waiting for the Discoforgia T-Shirt… (We know the habits of the politician used in this video)


RotaryDisco76 – B-United

RotaryDisco76 - B-United [DiscoVolante Recordings] Waxlife, Irregular Disco Workers remix

RotaryDisco76 – B-United [DiscoVolante Recordings] Waxlife, Irregular Disco Workers remix

Spatial and psychedelic atmosphere stamp the new RotaryDisco76‘s EP. More cosmic influence on “B-United”, more funky and house on “Someone with Sweet Attitude”.
The EP includes 2 remix. Waxlife rework “B-United” in a deep and scary electronic waltz.
Irregular Disco Workers change “Someone with sweet attitude” including some acid and dub elements.

Listen also to RotaryDisco76′s podcast


What you really need EP Balearic gabba sounsystem The Italo Job ghettoblaster

The Balearic Gabba Soundsystem is back, back with a new EP that features three more leftfield remixes from curious electronic specialist Enzo Elia that have all been licensed officially by Irma Records. The source material for his three unhinged reworks is a track by 90s Italian house project Soft House Company and two from cult Italian DJ and producer Don Carlos.

Soft House Company released only two EPs, both in 1990, but made a big impact with them: pretty much everyone has heard What You Need and that’s the track that gets remixed here. Mr Elia turns it into a slightly more bouncy and disco leaning cut with raw silvery drums, huge vamping piano chords and those classic vocal cries and already Eddie C and Gerd Janson have been playing it. At the breakdown there is the sound of waves breaking on a beach before pianos go wild: It’s a freewheeling and sure fire party starting track that still does the trick nearly quarter of a century after original release.

Don Carlos was behind such seminal club tracks as 1991’s Alone and produced five studio albums in the nineties and naughties. He fuses Afro rhythms with deep house vibes and has DJed all over the world since the 70s. The first of his to get re-worked is Overture, which starts with tropical bird cries, whistles and loon calls. It’s the sound of a humid jungle that gets slowly consumed by lush pads, delicate piano melodies and stirring string sounds. With a truly magical atmosphere and uplifting joyousness permeating the whole thing, it cannot fail to make you feel on top of the world.

Finally, Enzo Elia tackles Chicago (a track that’s already been supported by Soft Rocks among the others) and does so with swathes of mesmeric effects. Organic hand congas, breathy vocal snippets and a bristling nebula of synths, pads and strings all dance around each other in reservedly euphoric symphony.

This might just be one of the most beautifully and bizarrely Balearic releases yet from the ever unhinged Balearic Gabba Soundsystem.

Listen Don_Carlos – Ouverture (Enzo Elia tropical Neukolln Edit)

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

Buy 12″ @ Hell Yeah Recordings store

One Night Affair - Disco Rework EP [Spare Change Disco]

One Night Affair – Disco Rework EP [Spare Change Disco]

One Night Affair are a couple of producers we already hosted on our pages. Refresh your mind here and here.
This time they release two awesome disco edits for the newborn label Spare Change Disco. This stuff will only released in a limited edition vinyl. There are only 30 copies. Hurry up, contact Spare Charge Disco to have your exclusive copy!


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