Alessandro ParisiLadies and gentlement, we are finally back with this stunnig new italo disco mixtape from Alessandro Parisi.
We have known Alessandro two weeks ago at Cipria in Padua, probably the most influential disco night club in the north of Italy.

Alexander tried immediately to share with us his passion for music and we were impressed about his projects list

Here our hero in action in Paris, 2 years ago

You can check other live session, in his official you tube account, here

Alessandro Parisi was born in 1985 in Pordenone, a little and cosey city in the north-east of Italy with strong 80′s punk-wave roots.
In his house there has always been a piano, played by my mom who’s a church organist.
The musical influences he grew up with were pretty much classical music for liturgic celebrations from the mother side, and 60′s Italian beat from his father’s.
Because of this, he naturally developed a passion for music listening which brought him to composing his own songs.
His first music project named DMT Synth in 2004 was an italo-electro duo, along side from a friend.
Their debut in the music scene coincided with the Myspace gold-era, when everything was possible for everyone. He learnt a lot in that period about clubs, people and hype in the music scene.
After some years of fun and a couple of releases, in 2009 they closed the project and he took his own way, tumbling down the analogue hole.
Buying many vintage synthetizers and drum machines, he found his own style between the retro-wave, disco and horror soundtracks.
Since then, in the last 7 years, he released a lot of music from vinyl to cassette, and had also some soundtrack collaboration for TV series and commercial spots.
Many tags could be spent for describing music but the one which fit him better is “Esoteric Disco”.
All his albums, in fact, are constantly linked to mystical concepts.

Here his stunning exclusive mixtape for The Italo Job
This mixtape is only made with Italian songs

Play and Download Italo & Space Disco Journey (The Italo Job exclusive mixtape):
Alessandro Parisi – Italo & Space Disco Journey


Adriano Celentano – L’Uomo Perfetto
Hypnosis – Windland
Marzio – The Phantom of the Opera
Gli Amici di Famiglia – Israel
Pino Donaggio – Telescope
Bixio, Frizzi, Tempera – Nucleo Antirapina
I Signori della Galassia – Fermate la Reazione
Daniele Patucchi – I Predatori dell’Anno Omega
Carlo Maria Cordio – Terrore
Rondo Veneziano – Odissea Venezia
Kirlian Camera – Blue Room
Radar – Una Splendida Emicrania
Alessandro Parisi – Exhibition of Love (Faust’O)
Futuritmi – Dieci Minuti di Limbo

The Italo Job 5th birthday

The Italo Job 5th birthday

The Italo Job is 5 years old.

Five years of passion for music, five yers of dancing and smiles in front of the console.
Five years searching for new italian talents: DJs, producers and artistic projects made in Italy, without forgetting about old pioneers.

Staying in front of our laptop is not our primary mission. So we have chosen 5 dates to keep on our mission in the real world.
Cause we believe in magic of music, beats that touch our hearts and power of dancefloor.

Friday 14 November – Shockando Festival, Piazzola Sul Brenta (PD)
M+A live // Drink To Me live // Caste djset // Ruckus Crew djset

Friday 21 November – Rock Cafè, Castelcucco (TV)
Oceanicmood djset [Cipria]

Friday 12 December – Rock Cafè, Castelcucco (TV)
Dax djset [Family House]

Thursday 1 January – Rock Cafè, Castelcucco (TV)
THE ITALO JOB & Friends: bring your records and play with us! (contact us)

Saturday 31 January – Vinile, Rosà (VI)
Tempelhof live // Hell Yeah Recordings Showcase djset // DJ Cyco [Countermove] // Caste djset

info here

The Italo Job, Tempelhof, Hell Yeah Recordings, M+A, Drink To Me, Caste, Oceanicmood, Dax DJ, Cyco, Vinile, Shockando Festival, Rock Café, Piazzola Sul Brenta, Bassano del Grappa, Asolo

The Italo Job, Tempelhof, Hell Yeah Recordings, M+A, Drink To Me, Caste, Oceanicmood, Dax DJ, Cyco, Vinile, Shockando Festival, Rock Café, Piazzola Sul Brenta, Bassano del Grappa, Asolo

Alexander Robotnick - Problèmes D'Amour

Alexander Robotnick – Problèmes D’Amour

It’s thursday, so we go back in time and we listen to great music that makes history of italian electronic scene.
For our weekly #ThrowbackThursday, this time we have choosen a song: “Problèmes d’amour” by Alexander Robotnick.

“Problèmes d’amour” is a cult track produced by Maurizio Dami in 1983. It quickly became an international hit, bringing italo sounds all over the world.
“Problèmes d’amour” has been remixed among others by François K, Carl Craig, Kenny Dixon Jr aka Moodymann.
After over 30 years is definitely one of the most important and most played track of italian electronic music production.
A real timeless classic.

Listen to the B side of the 12″, probably a less known version, but very charming!

Here a free download to celebrate its 30th anniversary

DJ Rocca – Destination To The Sun

DJ Rocca - Destination to the sun

DJ Rocca – Destination to the sun

Is about to leave a new cosmic journey by DJ Rocca toward the sun.
A pressing bassline and drums rhythm guide us into this spatial trip, surrounded by a carpet of synth.
DJ Rocca masterfully blends mechanical structure of italo disco with fluffy and soft feature of synth pop using a perfect Cosmic attitude.
Includes also a version by Leo Mas and Fabrice, that have rivisited the song with their classical touch.

The EP is out now for Italian records and distributed by Kompakt.

Marcello Giordani Italo Deviance Dax dj Family House Music is the key Dario G italo disco

Marcello Giordani Italo Deviance Dax dj Family House Music is the key Dario G italo disco

If you like disco, house music or italo disco #MUSICISTHEKEY is a perfect event for you!
Thursday 24 april @ Qubò Café, Vicenza, thanks to Dax DJ, we could dance all night with a great dj and producer as:

Marcello Giordani

Marcello Giordani is one of the key figures of the blooming Italian Disco scene. Being a producer, Dj and collector of rare Italo-Disco vinyls, he is on the very front of the exploding Disco movement in Europe with his “Italo Deviance” Blog and Label.
He’s member of various project as Supersonic Lovers with DJ Rocca or the mysterious Marvin & Guy.

Listen to his latest rework of a classic 80s song:
Goldie Alexander – Show You My Love (Marcello Giordani Extended Mix)

His latest djmix in perfect house style:
Marcello Giordani – Burnin’ Houze (Jan. 2014)


Dario G [italo disco 80 legend]


Dax DJ
His slogan is “may the funk be with you!” that’s saying a lot about a boundless passion Dario Bedin, DAX DJ at turntables, has for the music that he essentially defines as something religious.
A dj and collector of a ton of vinyl records who has created/promoted Jazz Not Dead festival and some of the most interesting realities of the contemporary underground scene – including also Music Is The Key – which highlight Vicenza as a sounding-board for electronic independent music followers .

Listen to his djset @ Crocodiles In Venice party on 27.11.2013

Kumano - You Got It (Stephen Purple Got The Edit)

Kumano – You Got It (Stephen Purple Got The Edit)

We love Stephen Purple edits!
This time Stephen re worked Randy Kumano’s song “You Got It”. He has cut male and female vocals and re-built the bassline. The result is this italo funky disco floorfiller!

Dj Rocca & N2B - Mr Rossi's Backpain [disco, funk, italo,edit, Vasco Rossi]

Dj Rocca & N2B – Mr Rossi’s Backpain [disco, funk, italo,edit, Vasco Rossi]

An awesome disco edit of a Vasco Rossi‘s song includd in his 1982 album “Vado al massimo”.
Who made this fantastic edit? Obviously 2 great producers and djs as DJ ROCCA and NIC2BIRILLI.

We can’t stop to dance to this incredible disco sound!

Daniele Patucchi - People Come In (Stephen Purple Piano Sinth Edit)

We already know Stephen Purple passion for rare italo disco and funky stuff.
This time he reworked “People come in” by Daniele Patucchi and made it mixable!

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