J-Osai Hypnoart

Jeyosai – Hypnoart podcast

September 12, 2011 0 Comments
J-Osai Hypnoart

J-Osai Hypnoart

Our friend Jeyosai is back with a very groovy surprise. We are always happy to host it on The Italo Job, because his mixes are masterpieces. Mr. Jeyosay is usually to spin records [only vynil set] in the north of Italy characterized by the hills profile. These places, as he claims, are the places of artists, poets and thinkers.

Welcome back j.o!

Jeyosai wants to dedicate this beautiful work to all his friends who love and support this language and ambience. Special thanks and greetings to The Italo Job, Countermove Studio, FlyXXX, ZweiBar Ent., Virago Ent., Excuse Me and Cliff Hoyst Djs.