Dancealot Paul / The Italo Job Podcast (Dec 2011)

Dancealot Paul has made a fantastic podcast for 2012 new year’s eve. This year we have a lot of disco music to dance [Audio:Dancealot_Paul_-_The_Italo_Job_Podcast_(Dec_2011).mp3] Download: Dancealot Paul / The Italo Job Podcast (Dec 2011) Tracklist 01 Linosaur – Got It 02 Golden Bug – Lord Of Pleasure 03 Max Sedgley

Shyrec Camp Vol. 4

SHYREC is a small Italian independent music label, founded in 2004. They like and produce pop rock bands distinctively indie-featured who can be somehow highly evocative to the listeners. Talking about their work, they say: “You may not love what we do. But for us it’s all that passes through


Esperanza is a new project formed by 3 italian musicians: Carlo Alberto Dall’Amico (Cécile), Matteo Lavagna (Disco Drive) and Sergio Maggioni (producer and songwriter). Is not easy to define the genre of music brought by “Esperanza” because it’s original and it’s influenced by different musical experiences of three members. In

Lorenzo Marinelli

Lorenzo Marinelli is a writer, journalist, musician, dj and videomaker. He loves to play different genres: pop, classic, electronic and soundtracks. In 2011 he has been noted for the Cornershop (feat. Celeste)’s remix of the song: Non Stop Radio. 2. Non-Stop Radio (Lorenzo Marinelli Remix) by cornershop After a five

Irregular Disco Workers

We have yet another confirmation. Italians do it better Irregular Disco Workers joined the Rapture “How deep is your love?” remix competition. The result is a great nu disco track. James Murphy and Tim Goldsworthy will love it! The remix will be available for free download on december 25th 2011.

To You Mom:

To You Mom: is a complex entity, a sort of nebulous formed by a human being, Luca Lorenzi (voice) and two galaxies: M110 (programming, sampler, effects) and M51 (guitars, sampler, effects). They met accidentally at the entrance of a black hole, now they have joined together in the antimatter. “I

Jeyosai – FlyXXX december 2011 preview

Yes, as you can see, IT’S FlyXXX TIME and Jeyosai is back with another excellent work. This balearic and cosmic podcast is a preview of what he will play Friday, 16th, 2011. Every podcast and Jeyosai’s Dj sets are made strictly on vinyl. If you want to attend, confirm your

Psonic Psummer / The Italo Job Podcast (Nov 2011)

Finally The Italo Job was able to hook the Psonic Psummer. These two guys have done for us the november podcast with some groovy funky tracks and a little beat of disco music. The Italo Job, however, has decided to do more for you and they will play at next

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